Avoiding Falls

Ways to Avoid a Life-Changing Fall

5 Tips To Prevent Falls | Home Care Angels

Advances in healthcare and other technology are increasingly allowing aging Americans to live longer at home. However, many are unable to continue to do so once they take a serious fall at home. The following steps can be taken to prevent debilitating falls from ever taking place:

· Recognize Your Risk. Various health issues, medications, alcohol, or dehydration may increase your risk for a fall. Being aware helps you prepare.

· Optimize Your Health. Take responsibility for staying as healthy and fit as possible by remaining active, drinking enough water, limiting alcohol, avoiding smoking, and eating a healthy diet with plenty of calcium and vitamin D

· Fall-Proof Your Home. Walk through your home to identify and fix any possible dangers. You can find great resources for this in the AAOS and Orthopaedic Trauma Association Falls Awareness and Prevention Guide (https://www.orthoinfo.org/globalassets/pdfs/aaosfallprevention.pdf).

· Wear the Right Shoes. Limit footwear to well-fitting, low-heeled shoes or slippers with rubber or other non-skid soles. Also watch for untied shoelaces.

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