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Moving Forward

This Virtual Senior Center was created at a time of uncertainty, when the pandemic was beginning and the lockdown was keeping us in our homes. We are elated that since last May we have been able to be back in our Senior Centers, meeting in person, sharing meals and getting back into a fitness routine.Continue reading “Moving Forward”

Would you benefit from Senior Call Check?

Maryland Senior Call Check Program Does this program cost anything? No, this is a FREE service provided by the MarylandDepartment of Aging Who can sign up for the program? Any Maryland resident aged 65 years or older whohas a telephone may sign up for this program. When will I receive the automated daily call? TheContinue reading “Would you benefit from Senior Call Check?”

Do You Know How SHIP Can Help?

The State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) meets the most universal needs of Medicare beneficiaries. Needs such as understanding their health insurance benefits, bills, and rights. Trained staff and volunteer counselors in all 23 counties and Baltimore City provide in-person and telephone assistance.  Topics Covered Medicare Part A: Hospital Insurance  Medicare Part B: Medical Insurance  Medicare Part C: AdvantageContinue reading “Do You Know How SHIP Can Help?”


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